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Venture Assessment – An Ashvamegh Innovation

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Venture Assessment

Venture Assessment is a purely original idea developed by the experts at Ashvamegh Publication. For our author clients who opt for this service (which comes bundled in one of our packages – + Branding), our experts keep an eye on the pre-publication brand and public presence of the clients and juxtapose the same to the post-publication scenario. How much did our clients get? What impact did the publishing make? What should be the best time to announce and launch the next book? What should be the ideal time to get an article in the newspaper published? What should be the best time to get an interview published? Our expert team takes care of all the important opportunities that can be used to further enhance the public presence of our clients.

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Want our innovative Venture Assessment Program to be a part of your custom or a fixed budget publication? Write to us and we will get back to you:

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