Rocket Mode – 27 Days Publishing

Rocket Publishing Service – Just 27 Days!

In a Hurry? We’ll get your book out in 27 days!

Well, if you don’t believe this, just try once with our Rocket Publishing Plan and you will see the result in your hands on the 28th day of the project. We have a dedicated team of hardworking professionals that takes care of the requirements of our clients and we make sure that we don’t let the hopes and ambitions of our authors down. So, we have designed this special plan for those who don’t have time to wait. If you are one of those authors who are in a bit of hurr, don’t worry. We have covered your time well – we’ll get your work out ASAP! Make sure of the following things:

  • Your work is error-free: We can take care of basic proofreading but abstract editing won’t be available in the rocket publishing mode. So, be sure of what you have written and also be sure of your theme, plot and content.
  • Cover design input should be fast: Because we will have to work in a dedicated environment, we will need your support and inputs with clarity. Be sure of what you want from your cover.
  • Spend a little extra: One dedicated team will work on your publishing project to make sure we deliver the book within the given timeline and so, we will have to use all our resources and manpower and this demands expenditure.

Are you ready to launch your rocket publishing project with Ashvamegh? Just give us a call or write an email and we will get back to you ASAP.

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