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On a Low Budget? We’ll Publish You!

So, you are on a low budget? Or you might just be needing to get a book published minus the worry of marketing it. We got your back! Ashvamegh Self-publishing offers the authors a low-budget self-publishing solution that no other company would offer you ever! We will get your book out just at the cost of printing and staff charges. That will be the minimum possible budget! Are you ready to explore? We have two options for low-cost publishing of books: 

  • Ebook Only: Getting only your Ebook published will lower your budget automatically. With our minimum essentials cost, you can get your Ebook out on Amazon Kindle in a very low budget that you cannot even imagine! Get in touch with us to further understand this scheme. 
  • Ebook + Paperback Publishing: We also offer low-budget publication of paperbacks along with the Ebook version. We will minimise the range of our services to ensure your budget covers the publishing and you get your book at a very low cost. Get in touch with our publishing experts now and get your book out in no time! 


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