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Book Promotion Services by Ashvamegh

As a part of our parent organisation, BookBoys PR, we are well-equipped to handle the complex task of book promotions. We have experts who take care of marketing the books published by us to ensure the authors find their target audience engaging with their content.

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Perception Building

We build the necessary perception about the target title so that it reaches the organic readers who might be interested in the book. For perception building, we use our campaigns like book reviews, book feature articles, discussion platforms activation, Goodreads, Amazon and many others.

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Mainstream PR

For our author clients who want to stretch their marketing budget to spend on getting covered and featured by leading newspapers – online and offline, we have various schemes to offer. You can get your book or anything about your book or your writing or your very self featured in newspapers. We will make it happen!

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Events & Gatherings

For our interested and ambitious clients, we offer services like organising events for book-launch, book reading sessions, literary gatherings and many others. We can host these events in different parts of India and we take care of everything – from finding a place to organising the audience.

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You can get our marketing & PR booklet to understand our services and also get an idea of the budget. You can add various PR and marketing items to your custom publishing budget as well. Write to us for the marketing kit or for any other queries you have:

[email protected]

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Explore other services

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