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Say hello to our specially devised editorial services!

The art of editing is not new. It is an old art that scholars practised to make their writings error-proof. With time, the forms kept changing. We have many kinds of editing services available these days and authors can choose according to their requirements. At Ashvamegh Publications, we have a team of editors that offers quality editing services to authors at reasonable prices. We have introduced various new activities within the fold of our ‘Editorial Services’ and these activities are very much our own inventions. Below is a glimpse of all our editorial services available for authors.

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Proof Reading:

This is the first essential step that we take to ensure we are not working on a draft anymore! Our proofreading expert goes through the entire manuscript to ensure there is no silly spelling or grammatical mistake in the book. Proofreading at Ashvamegh publications takes the job to a further level and looks for possibilities for euphemising and strengthening the words as required.

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Substantive Editing:

At the fourth layer of our editing hierarchy, we put Substantive Editing. At this level, the editors try to incorporate the feedback from Alpha & Beta Readers into the work in the best possible way. They also consult the author as required and prepare the first final draft for the 5th layer of Editing. Substantive Editing aims at making the work error-free and a reader-ready draft.

Copy Editing:

This is the second step that we take after proofreading & we take one step further with expertise! When the document is small and big grammar and spelling error-free, the editor looks to further strengthening the lineweight and looking for suitable word replacements, sentence revisions and event organisation. No other companies take their copyediting services to the scale we take!

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Abstract Editing:

At this step, we make sure that the work-at-hand does not appear to be a duplicate of a book already published or a borrowed-idea replica. Moreover, we also suggest various inputs after reading the book from different perspectives. We ensure the novel is original, characters get their due, plot meets the logical conclusion & the work offers a rythmic & continuous reading.

Alpha & Beta* Reading:

We have designed an innovative pre-reading scheme – Alpha & Beta Reading. Beta Reading is done by an average reader to offer the feedbacks as an end-reader, the ultimate target of an author. We take those feedbacks & then we move the book to our Alpha Reader who is an expert in the art of fiction. We use the reader’s advice & expert’s advice to create the best possible amalgam!

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Pro-Fiction* Editing:

As the name suggests, this layer is meant for fiction books only. At this stage, the work-at-hand is evaluated from all the possible perspectives. The team of editors who were involved thus far and the readers evaluate the book for one final time. And chief-editor ensures the script is final for publishing accompanied by a consultation with the author and it’s green for the publication!

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Get in touch with our team to avail any or all of these services. Serious authors choose to get their books edited by our expert team before publishing. Our expert team of editors will make sure your work stands out, and you get the best result out of your hard work. While the work is going on, you will regularly receive updates from our editorial team. Also, if required, we will ask for your inputs.

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