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Author Branding Services by Ashvamegh

Our top-quality digital branding services help authors stand tall in their respective leagues. Branding an author is just like branding a company that manufactures certain products. However, apart from the analogy that suits well for an example, branding an author and presenting him or her to the readers aren’t the easy jobs. At Ashvamegh, we make things easy with the strategy that works.

Digital Branding

Essentially, Branding is a term that connotes only digital means of being recognised, according to modern standards. For authors, Branding is a means to connect with the readers, increase their fan base and assess the right opportunities to execute various actions. We make things happen for authors by using various tools РSocial Media Management, Author Website, Feature Articles, Genre Recognition etc.

Goodreads Elite

Goodreads is the largest and the most respected platform on this planet for readers and authors. While readers can have friends, authors should have a few fans, enough reputation, more than enough genre-recommendation and many other items in accurate proportions to be recognised as ‘popular,’ ‘fan-favourite,’ and elite. We are here to take care of your needs on Goodreads and make you what you deserve to be!

Public Opinion Advisor

There are occasions when decisions are made collectively – by an entire family, by an entire society and by a nation too. When any such decision is made, people talk, discuss and ponder about various aspects of such decisions. What should be the right stand to take? Our experts will make sure you stand for the right stand! It will further enhance your presence and widen your reader & fan base.

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