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Publishing: This is the basic service and it will be available to you at the basic cost always. We will calculate the price of printing based on the number of pages, nature of the content (whether it requires images, diagrams or drawings), and finishing of the book – hardback or paperback. Rest assured, you will get published in the minimum price at Ashvamegh! We will ensure that.

Publishing includes a bunch of compulsory items. ISBN, copyright reservation in the name of the author, lifetime printing at print cost for the author, author dashboard to track sales, and lifelong support on email. These things are always bundled with your publishing cost.

Editing: With all our publishing packages, you get editing service – services of different depth and nature. However, you can opt to get it removed from your package or control the price by selecting an entirely different set of editing services. We offer dedicated editing services that consist of various layers. We have innovated the programs like Alpha & Beta Reading, Abstract Editing and Pro-fiction Editing. These are high-quality editing services that you can opt for as per your requirements and choices. Look at different editing packages available here: Editing Services for Authors

You can also fix the budget for editing and our experts will guide you on how to use the fixed budget for maximum benefit to your manuscript. Do remember that editing enhances the quality of your book and makes it better for the readers and our editing services further ensure that your target readers find your book crafted for them!

Cover Designing: We offer cover designing with each of publishing projects we undertake. However, you can make your own choice of the cover with any packages you choose or a custom pakcage you create:

  1. Basic Cover – Comes with the Essential publishing package. It costs 2,000 Rs. It will be designed on the inputs of the author by our designing expert.
  2. Advanced Cover – Comes with our + Marketing publishing package. It costs 3,000 Rs. Design is inspired by the author’s input and created by our expert. Moreover, our industry experts (a bunch of professionals) evaluate the design and make sure they get it where it matches the range of content in the book being published. So, it consists of three layers – the author, the designer and the experts.
  3. Advanced & Communicating Cover – As the name suggests, this suit focuses on creating a cover for your book that communicates to the readers even without turning the cover page. It comes loaded with our + Marketing + Branding publishing package. We offer the services of both the packages above and further add a layer to it – offering three different concepts to the author to choose from. This package costs 5,000 Rs.
Author Website:  We offer an author website to our clients with each of our fixed budget publishing options. It has three kinds – Basic, Advanced and Ultimate. You can choose anyone you like for your requirements. Basic is a simple website that contains the Author’s profile & book information with buying links. Advanced is secured with SSL and social media ready responsive website while the Ultimate one is a fully-featured, secured and cross-platform website designed by our industry experts with raw inputs from the author. Costs are – 2,000 Rs, 5,000 Rs and 13,000 Rs. The websites are renewed per year – hosting and domain charges.

Book Distribution:  We offer online + offline distribution of your books depending on the package you choose. However, you can customise this part of your publishing venture very easily. Just let us know what kind of distribution you require and our team will guide you on this. We offer three layers of distribution:

  1. Online Only: Your published book will be sold through all major e-commerce platforms in India and globally via Amazon.
  2. Online and Offline: Your book will be sold on all major online platforms along with certain offline platforms in India.
  3. Online and Offline Premium: Your book will be sold by all online retailers along with the premium book chains in India like Landmark, Crossword and Oxford bookstores too.

Let us know your requirements and we will guide you further in choosing the best option and also about the necessary budget.

Book Promotion & Author Branding: We offer a wide range of services in the fold of book promotion. We provide guaranteed reviews on premium literary websites, interviews on digital literary platforms, press-release publications in leading newspapers, offline publications in leading newspapers, branding on Goodreads, and many others. You can collect a marketing information kit from our team for detailed info and pricing so that you can choose what’s suitable for you and your book. We provide everything that we promise to our authors – the numbers that you opt for will be delivered to you within the decided timeline. We focus on marketing as well as publication to ensure that our clients’ goal of being published meets the desired expectation of readership.

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