At Ashvamegh, your publishing goals are our targets!

Ashvamegh Publishing house is the best option for authors who want to self-publish their books. We make things black and white so that the authors can have a clear picture of what awaits them in the coming days. We ensure that we take the minimum possible fees for publishing and then advise the authors on where to invest the rest of their budget for the best possible outcome of one’s publishing venture. Isn’t that something no other publishing house in India does? We are a self-publisher with a difference and we are here to make self-publishing transparent, simple, fun and also CHEAPER!

Why is Ashvamegh the best self-publishing company in India?

Manuscript Consultation:

Generally, self-publishing companies publish just anything the authors offer as the manuscript. At Ashvamegh Publications, we don’t do that. We scrutinise the manuscript and get in touch with the author first. We discuss the manuscript at length and try to understand various perspectives of the author. Our industry experts point out the possible amendments (if any) that could enhance the overall impact of the fiction or non-fiction at hand. And once we are on the same page with publishing goals, the audience in mind and manuscript’s competence, then only we move ahead with publishing.

Budget Guide:

At Ashvamegh, you get your book published at a very cheap cost. Other publishing houses will charge you a heavy amount in the name of marketing and PR that they never do – ask any of the authors you know who have self-published. We do our job of publishing first, at very low cost, and then our team will guide you in using your budget wisely on the promotional activities that will be suitable according to the genre and the target audience. We’ve been in the industry for more than 4 years & we know the game! In a budget others charge only for publishing, you’ll get publishing + book marketing that works!

And We Offer:

As we are here to change the publishing industry’s behaviour, it won’t happen unless we do something unique. So, Ashvamegh has decided to offer all our authors one free author feature article, one assured book review on Indian Book Critics and one assured interview on Author Interviews platform. Isn’t that just awesome? We understand that an author needs to be announced and marketing is available for them to put as add-ons in their cart, but to kick it off, we are offering three assured gifts with every publishing deal check-out! Want more promotions for your book? Let us know –

Once you publish with Ashvamegh Publishing, you will surely come back to us for the next book you write. We take care of our client’s publishing, marketing and branding goals very seriously. BookBoys PR, the only dedicated book marketing & author branding company in India, is our parent organisation and that’s why we offer our authors quality marketing services at the minimum possible prices! We will keep your goals in sight – let us make it happen!